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ELIGO Coffee

Göllerspitz 250gr grinded (Moca)

Göllerspitz 250gr grinded (Moca)

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A cup of coffee with a lot of body

The Göllerspitz is a coffee blend in which the 2 most economically rilevant coffee varieties meet, 80% Arabica beans and 20% Canephora (i.e. Robusta beans) are combined in this blend.

The Arabica beans come from Brazil and Uganda and are both traceable back to the farm. The Canephora beans, on the other hand, also come from Uganda and are from a co-operative that has come together in recent years to strengthen the social environment of the farmers.

The flavour: Göllerspitz impresses with its strong and clear aroma. If you are looking for fruity notes, you are in the wrong place here, as dark chocolate, nuances of nut and caramel take centre stage.

The body (i.e. the "fullness" of the coffee) is a given with the Göllerspitz and every cup is a wake-up call for all those who are looking for the Italian touch in a cup of coffee, but do not want to do without the fine flavours of the Arabica beans.

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