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ELIGO Coffee



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A moment of pleasure of high quality

Our Brandzoll blend is made exclusively from selected Arabica beans and is therefore labelled 100% Arabica.

The blend contains a coffee from Brazil that can be traced back to the finca, i.e. the place of cultivation. This coffee is dry-processed and is partly responsible for the velvety body of the blend.

There is also a coffee from Uganda in the blend. Uganda is better known as a coffee country for its cultivation of Canephora (Robusta), but there are plantations and small co-operatives that produce high-quality Arabica coffee. We have found one such coffee and included it in our blend.

This is also dry-processed and gives our blend a slightly spicy touch, with chocolate and hazelnut taking centre stage. The last coffee we selected was a coffee from Peru. This coffee is also traceable and supports a social project that aims to improve the living conditions of all those involved in this project.

The coffee is wet-processed and gives the blend a slightly fruity flavour, which results in a slightly lighter body but a very balanced taste overall.

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